The Apartments

At Villa Central, we cater to the discerning needs of couples and groups of friends seeking a tranquil retreat to unwind and immerse themselves in the captivating sights and attractions that Split has to offer. Our villa is ideally suited for those looking to relax and create lasting memories amidst the stunning surroundings. With a plethora of nearby beaches, awe-inspiring monuments, and picturesque parks waiting to be explored, Villa Central provides an idyllic base for your adventures. Additionally, the convenient ferry access from the old town of Split allows for seamless island-hopping experiences, further enhancing your stay with us.


Each apartment offers a comfortable setting with air-conditioning units installed in the bedrooms and lounge area, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere regardless of the weather. Stay connected and entertained with Wi-Fi access and smart TVs available in each apartment's bedrooms and lounge. Whether you need to work, communicate with loved ones, or enjoy your favorite shows and movies, these modern amenities cater to your digital needs.

To enhance convenience, each apartment includes a separate WC for added privacy and efficiency. This allows multiple individuals to utilize the facilities simultaneously without causing any inconvenience. Additionally, the apartments feature a linen/laundry room, providing a dedicated space for laundry needs. Whether you've been out on a yacht or cruise, or simply require extended stay amenities, this room allows you to conveniently freshen up your clothes and maintain a clean and organized living space.

These well-equipped apartments are designed to optimize your comfort and convenience during your stay. The combination of air-conditioning, Wi-Fi, smart TVs, separate WC, and a linen/laundry room ensures that you can relax, stay connected, and take care of practical needs without hassle or interruption.

1st Floor Apartment

The first-floor apartment presents two private bedrooms, each accompanied by its own private ensuite, featuring double beds for a comfortable stay. Additionally, this apartment boasts a fully integrated kitchen, providing all the necessary amenities for a self-catering experience. Whether you prefer cooking your own meals or simply having the convenience of a well-equipped kitchen, this feature enhances your stay with flexibility and autonomy.

Moreover, this apartment offers a delightful private balcony and a charming pergola, complete with outdoor seating. This inviting space is ideal for dining al fresco or simply unwinding and enjoying the pleasant surroundings. Whether you wish to savor a home-cooked meal while basking in the fresh air or relax with a book and a cup of coffee, the balcony and pergola provide a serene and cozy atmosphere for your enjoyment.

1st Floor Plan


Top Floor Apartment

The top floor apartment also features two bedrooms with private ensuites and nestles into the roof space, which has been extended from an old part of the villa. This area features a very high central ceiling, providing a luxurious and spacious feel. Large roof windows flood the bedrooms and lounge area with natural light, however block out curtains are also provided for your comfort. A fully integrated kitchen is also present on the top floor which is perfect for self-catering.

Top Floor Plan



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